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Shock Absorbers for BMW Series 3 E46 Sachs (1998-2005)

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The displayed price is referred to the complete set of shock absorbers (i.e. front and rear). Same day dispatch to any Greek shipping address [shipping cost (applicable only for Greece): 5€]. Option of purchasing one single item upon request. One (1) year guarantee provided by the manufacturer. Clarification: The displayed images are only used for commercial purposes and they do not represent the displayed product codes.

SACHS car shock absorbers are of the highest quality, which is one reason why numerous well-known automotive manufacturers fit them as standard in new vehicles. Every year, over 10 million new cars roll off the assembly line fitted with SACHS auto shocks. Equally, SACHS applies its OE expertise to spare parts production, so its aftermarket car shock absorbers are always state-of-the-art, which means a safer, more comfortable and contemporary drive. No matter what challenges the road presents, the chassis performance and dynamics they provide, ensure perfect road grip and cornering.

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SACHS has a car shock absorber for every requirement, e.g. monotube and twin-tube dampers, suspension struts, spring carriers (shock absorbers with spring plate) and suspension cylinders (auto shocks with hydraulic leveling system). A special product highlight is the SACHS lightweight aluminum shock absorber, which combines the effects of several lightweight design measures. The shock absorber reservoir tube features a variable wall thickness for guaranteed strength where high loads occur. The other areas are designed as thin as possible in order to save weight. Volume production of this high-tech product is based on a complex procedure that generates the different wall thicknesses in up to 17 coordinated process steps. Besides shock absorbers, SACHS employs lightweight design in its suspension struts.

The SACHS shock absorber is aimed at drivers who like to do their daily driving without problems and their holiday driving with ease – thus expecting high safety and comfort. In city traffic, on country roads and on the highway. For almost all vehicles.